1– Deacon Board, Youth Choir/Ushers,  Couple’s Ministry

2- Walden House- Senior Choir

3- Labor Day

4- Willing Workers, Senior Ushers, Women of Worship Choir

5-  Dynamic Adults, Senior Mission, Bible Study

6- Spiritual Voices

7- NA Meeting

8- Righteous Men, Youth Choir/Ushers, Gospel Stars, Morning Star Chorus Anniversary

9- Trustee Board

10- Mass Choir

12 -Bible Study

13- Education Committee, Spiritual Voices

14- NA Meeting

15- Youth Choir/Ushers, Morning Star Chorus, Single’s Ministry

16- Pastoral Anniversary, Walden House-Spiritual Voices

17- Mass Choir

18- My Sister’s Keeper

19- Dynamic Adults, Bible Study

20- Spiritual Voices          

21- NA Meeting

22- Youth Mission, Gospel Stars, Men’s Choir

23- Women’s Day

24- Mass Choir

26- Worship Service-Spiritual Voices

27-Spiritual Voices

28-NA Meeting

30- Walden House-Youth Choir, 5th Sunday Choir-Women of Worship