1.The Catawba County Health Department has free COVID-19 testing at 3070 11th Ave Dr SE, Hickory NC from 9 a.m. – 1p.m. Monday – Friday.

2.  Covid 19 Vaccines for seniors age 75 and up are available beginning January 11th from 9:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m. ONLY!  Appointments must be made to receive the vaccine by calling our church nurse, Carolyn Thompson at (828) 326-3993 or by email at

3.  A Samsung phone charger was found in the church, if it belongs to you, please see the church office.

4.  Three prom/formal dresses are being donated for anyone who is interested. One is a black long dress with sequence and rhinestones and spaghetti straps size 20, one is a cream long dress size 2X with rhinestones and has cream slide shoes with rhinestones size 10, and the third dress is a plumb knee length formal dress size 1X.  If anyone is interested in any of these dresses, please contact the church office.

 5.  All Morning Star members 60 years or older, please contact the church office by phone or drop by to provide your emergency contact information to the office so that we can have it on file for you.

6.  Wednesday night Bible Study will be through zoom and conference calls at 7 p.m.

7.  Sunday services will be a worship service only both inside and outside beginning at 11:00 a.m.

8.  Frye South Hospital has openings for cooks, cold preps, PNAs, workers for the utility room and dish room for both 1st and 2nd shifts. Please contact Kenya Saddler if you are interested in any of these positions.

9.  Please keep practicing safe and smart practices when using the restrooms. Take gloves and wipes and wipe everything down when you leave.  Wear masks and follow the social distancing guidelines.






Gloria Sherrill     

Loretta Sherrill

Tammy St. Louis

Linda Lee Burch

Cynthia Early

Tonya Herning

Eric Kee

Jamison Graves

Reco Weaver

Collin Bly

Ashley Smoot

Brenda Thompson Conley                                                

Troy Anderson

Jon Hurst

Carolyn Hector

Linda Ramseur

Andrew & Sara Bates

Rev. Jeanette McConnoughey

David Johnson

Ruben Haynes

Jacqueline Frederick

Kevin Richmond

Kimberly Maddox

Franklin Walker

Bishop Rick Hayes

Rev. Robin Hayes

Peggy Gibbs

Johnny Gibbs

Henry Edwards Sr Family

Keith Robinson

Terelene Bumgarner

Candace Parker

Donsonja Connor Family

Eugenia Farrer

Willie Waller

Lawrence Carson

Gayle Bumgarner

Linda Shuford

Florida Gibbs

Melva Jones

Sage Marie Derr

Coleen Derr

Gary Wilfong

Anthony Wilson

Beth Dugger

Bill & Summer Whiteman

Daryl Finger

Tai Heard

Pedro Ferreira

Paul Greene

Frank Pettyjohn

Irvin Williamson Jr.

Jerry & Brenda Mancries

Peggy Turner

Aidan Crisanto

Avonna Denis Rippy

Mika James

Helen Daniels

Mary Horton Betts

Maria Truitt

Wyatt parker

Scotty Bolen

Johnny Parker

Omelia Johnson

Alisa Garvin

Charles Surratt

Ollie Rippy

Angie Pope

Dorothy Gaither

Robert (Rock) Sherrill Jr.

Bryant Swayne

Greg Carson

Mildred Surratt

Jean Kirksey

Donald Lavar Ramseur

Chuk Bollinge

Phillip Largent

Benny James Lavan

Nicole Ramseur’s son

Jessie Fuller

Phillip Payne

Vinnie Brown

Wilburt Brown

Clara Kinlow’s son

Clara Kinlow’s sister

Larry Mouler

Carolyn Wimbush

Vince Ellis’ son

Maria Gonzalez

Courtney McCoy

Eloise Rose

Debra Marriott

Sunny Rosenburg

Kasha Ferguson

David Wilson

Bryant Ellis

Carlos Adams

Justin Milton

Julius Carson

Karen Morrison

Ethel Wilfong

Tiffany Malone

Jewel Hector

Lori Propst

Christine King

Akeem Fuller

Rev. Lester Baker

Agnes Wright

Sylvia Freeman

Walter Young

Patricia Surratt

Sibby Pearson

Jessie Anderson

Johhny Harris & Family

Allen Campbell III

Ida Ellis

Phillip Lewis

Shirley Page

James Stover

Pauline Bennett

Akashia Bowman

Savannah Hart

Jamechia James

Rita James

Toy Mobley

Cora Owens

Gerlyn Griggs

Michael Mayfield

Iola Harshaw 

Alice Wilson

Jerry Lewis Woods

Brenda Ramseur

Tonya McCorkle

Virginia Wilson

Gale Morgan

Gloria Booth’s daughter

Sylvia Ramseur

Kimily McDaniels

Ella Mae Hillman

Tina Merritt

Doug Thompson

Elizabeth Wilson’s son

Jackie Harris

Franklin Walker Family

Richard Parker Family

Linda Geter Family

Dorothy Merrel Family

Lorraine Patterson





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